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Tillie Olsen Creative Writing Award Winner THE LAUNDRESS CATCHES HER BREATH by Paola Corso "Corso focuses like a Leica on the details of daily urban working class life from a fiercely rendered narrative perspective. Pioneering a mode of tough yet poignant documentary verse, Corso draws us into the grainy, grimy world of factory and clothesline, diner and lung disease with extraordinary skill. Her collection is in fact breathtaking." Sandra M. Gilbert, author of Belongings . . . Newly Released ONCE I WAS TOLD THE AIR WAS NOT FOR BREATHING by Paola Corso With Introduction by Michele Fazio and Michelle M. Tokarczyk "Corso documents dangerous work conditions in mills and sweatshops, or anyone downwind of the industrial polluters' carcinogenic fumes. Tragically, much of our air now 'is not safe for breathing,' but these essential and heart-breaking poems are pure oxygen. Breathe deeply and learn from this wise poet." Maggie Anderson, author of Windfall: New and Selected Poems . . . Now Available in E-book CATINA'S HAIRCUT A NOVEL IN STORIES by Paola Corso "Corso follows an Italian family through four generations from the Calabrian town of San Procopio to Pittsburgh in this fable-like follow-up to Giovanna's 86 Circles.... The stories, individually, find moments of inspired, ethereal revelation." Publishers Weekly . . . Now Available in Paperback GIOVANNA'S 86 CIRCLES AND OTHER STORIES by Paola Corso "...memorable and entrancing...powerful in the moment thanks to the imagery's dream-like density." Publishers Weekly . . . POLITICS OF WATER: A CONFLUENCE OF WOMEN'S VOICES Edited by Paola Corso and Nandita Ghosh A Special Issue of International Feminist Journal of Politics with guest editors' introductions, critical essays, narratives, poetry, and book reviews that respond to a growing concern for the unequal access men and women have to water in an increasingly fragile physical environment. . . . DEATH BY RENAISSANCE Poems by Paola Corso Photographs by George Thomas Mendel "Few books address the anxiety of moving between classes and the assimilation of second-generation immigrants with such urgency and poetic capability as Paola Corso's first collection of poems..." The Indiana Review
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