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STUDENT TESTIMONIALS "I entered into Western Connecticut State University’s MFA program with the bare bones of Nora Shora, a women’s fiction novel, which I hoped to develop into my graduate thesis. Paola Corso, WestConn Writer-in-Residence as well as my writing mentor, latched onto this novel from its infancy and never let go, encouraging me to dig deeper and go further, to push the boundaries of my abilities, to realize what had always been the standard just wasn’t acceptable anymore. Ms. Corso, with her empathetic eye and unwavering passion for the art, brings a Maxwell Perkins zeal in her approach to mentoring, and without her dedication and insistence on excellence, it is doubtful I would’ve seen this project to completion, let alone have it placed with a top New York literary agency. I highly recommend Ms. Corso to anyone lucky enough to be taken under her very capable wing." —Gwen Jones, 2009 MFA Graduate, Western Connecticut State University
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